LogRock’s new driver recruiting product is incredibly easy to use. It should be a no-brainer for fleets under 50 power units who are currently paying hundreds of dollars a month for other recruiting software to switch over to this free solution.


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Hiring steps are easy to understand activities to hire your CDL and non-CDL drivers in compliance with the FMCSA. We help you to keep all DQ files organized so can you focus your time on finding the best drivers for your team.

Hiring Steps

Stay on top of all new leads and applicants in real-time with our tracking system. Easily monitor how they found your company and identify any missing requirements needed to meet DOT regulations for hiring.

Candidate Management

Email Notifications

Timing is key for hiring. Be notified every time you get a new hiring lead or a driver submitted an application so you can reduce your response time. Also, send timely reminders to help your drivers finish their applications.

Electronic Application

Streamline your driver hiring processe with our paperless applications, from collecting DOT-required information to obtaining electronic signatures for all necessary consents. The proccess is efficient and convenient, and drivers can complete it from any device.

DOT Compliant PDF

Driver Application Files made easy with our automatically generated PDF. All information your applicants provided and the digitally signed consents in one single document.

Driver Files

All your drivers have individual profiles with the most relevant professional information and all the DOT-required files, so you can store and manage them on LogRock.

Equipment Files

Keep all your Equipment files and information in one single place: annual vehicle inspections, services invoices, tire sizes, and others.

Be alerted every time a document is missing, expired, or is about to expire, so you can reduce the number of violations you get.


We combine your FMCSA and your ELD Data to analyze how your drivers are performing safety and compliance-wise. All drivers are ranked according to the risk they expose your company to, so you can prioritize them for interventions or for bonuses.

Driver Monitor

Risk Radar

We integrate with your FMCSA Portal data to give you a 360-degree view of your safety and compliance program. Have access to insights such as: most recent violations, Risk of being inspected or audited, real CSA/SMS Scores, and trending on Violations, Inspections, and Out of Service Rates

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Driver Recruiting

Discover a pool of qualified candidates, seamlessly manage applications, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

From automated documentation and real-time updates to customized alerts and risk mitigation tools, LogRock has got you covered.

Safety + DOT Compliance


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It’s free for fleets under 50 power units. It’s easy to useAnd RecruitersSafety ManagersOwners at trucking companies of all sizes love it.

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Free For Fleets Under 50 Power Units

LogRock empowers you to effortlessly navigate compliance challenges, saving you valuable time and resources

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Free For Fleets Under 50 Power Units